We are Ivory Fayre, a creative photography and film team, headed up by Chris Harris

(Chris in the middle). 

I love the outdoors, wild swimming or be it camping and taking the boat out on the lakes freshly brewed coffee and of course couldn't forget accompanied by a slice of cake...

We love creating beautiful stories, capturing your connection seeing the emotion through photos and film in a natural raw Ivoryfayre way....

We have the good fortune of being part of a truly special wedding day and we love it!

 Our work takes us to new parts of the country (and the world) where we to hang out with bride and grooms and meet their nearest and dearest. 

We produce footage and stills that are shared and loved and mark a moment in time for generations to come. Capturing the emotion and seeing the stories come alive.  We never forget what a privilege that is.

We've been photographing and filming weddings for over a decade. Some have been small and intimate affairs, some have been large and extravagant. Our wedding photography has a distinct, Cinematic/fashion fused style - a direct influence from the fashion and Stills photography Chris creates for FILM and TV world. 


Our wedding films are spine-tingily cinematic that reflect and visually sit perfectly alongside the photography.

If you’d like to get in touch we can arrange an initial chat over a coffee, the phone or zoom to discuss your ideas. We can answer all of your questions and even make recommendations from our network of makeup artists and hair stylists if necessary. 

Really, it’s a great chance to see if we could be right for each other.

Get in touch via our forms on here or a call

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